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While attending outdoor summer concerts at a beautiful outdoor natural amphitheater in the Rocky Mountains, we watched as concertgoers were hula hooping.  They were smiling, truly enjoying themselves!  Upon buying a hoop purchased from a local retail store,  we tried to hoop with it, but it was too light and flimsy.  It was then that we started making the hula hoops you see today.  

Our hula hoops can be easily transported in the back seat or the trunk of your car.  They can go everywhere with you! And now we even make collapsible/ travel hula hoops!  

Each hula hoop is made to order or you may purchase from current inventory. Call us and we can send a photo by email or text of current inventory. Design time per hoop is 2.5 hours.  These are not your retail store plastic lightweight hoops. Each hula hoop is original, unique, and custom made with only the highest quality materials and tape. We cut the material to the size requested, connect the hoop, (add sand or water if requested) then wrap the hoop with tape chosen from a variety of colors.  

If you need multiple hoops of the same colors/pattern, such as gifts for a wedding bridal party, and they make fabulous gifts by the way, please give us a call.  Also, for birthday parties and other occasions, we can accommodate, even with short notice.  Here are some color scheme ideas: A favorite sports team, patriotic colors, earth tones, sunshine, bling!, zebra stripe, or just about any color duo you can think of, we can design a hula hoop that you will love and have fun with! Check out our Facebook page by clicking on the Facebook icon above for many more fabulous hoop color ideas from hoops we have created throughout the years!

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